The inspirational nature of Sesta Terra provides the perfect environment for engaged learning. Together with SpaceWork (, professional leaders in team and HR development, we invite companies to Sesta Terra for an experience that combines team building with enticing activities that only a location like this can offer.

This customizable package, aimed at groups of 10-12 people, represents a break from the usual hustle and bustle, and perfectly keeps with managers’ busy schedules. Invest in yourselves and your team while experiencing nature in this remote location.

A weekday without the normal formalities awaits you, with dinner à la carte. On the following day, enjoy a training session in the morning and in the afternoon, broken up by a picnic in a cozy botanical garden overlooking the sea. The end of this second day concludes with a gala dinner at our restaurant, Terrazza Sesta Terra. At checkout, a history tour of Cinque Terre is available on request.

Learning sessions, curated by SpaceWork, present a wide range of options. Particularly in line with our philosophy are the outdoor teambuilding experiences, like orienteering, open-air team cooking activities (locally sourced pesto and testaroli) or hiking the cliffside trails. For upper management, we can also plan a deep-dive seminar, inviting speakers for talks about topics of interest like trading or public speaking.

Using this tried and true approach, we’re ready to plan a personalized experience with you.

For more details, reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]