Sesta Terra Natural Resort.
In Harmony with Nature.
In Harmony with You.

It’s in your nature

Sesta Terra is a peaceful and quiet paradise located in the unspoiled area of the Cinque Terre Natural Park, where the colors and the fragrances of macchia mediterranea overwhelm your senses. Here you can experience full immersion in nature, while enjoying our environmentally friendly accommodations overlooking an enchanting sea.

It’s in our nature

Sesta Terra Natural Resort sprang from our family’s affection for the amazing beauty of this corner of the globe. Set on a cliff overlooking the Ligurian sea, Sesta Terra Natural Resort is tucked away, close to the more popular Cinque Terre, but far enough from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

The Resort

We’ve always been enchanted by this slice of heaven where Sesta Terra is situated and we don’t know anyone who could say no to waking up here in the morning. When we decided to plant down and dig in to this place, we wanted to share the wonders of the silence, the sea, and the colors with those who long to feel in tune with nature.

Nature herself drives our mission, and we’ve adapted to the shape and materials of the land. We purposefully chose places with the most suggestive view for our natural accommodations of wood, cloth and stone, all nestled in pine and oak patches, olive groves, vineyards and flowers. A wall of glass is all that separates Sesta Terra’s Cottages’ and Lodges’ cozy intimacy from the surrounding quiet and lovely natural scenery.


Situated at the edge of Cinque Terre National Park, and next to its more famous relatives, Framura is no bit less inspiring, and has come to be known as Sesta Terra, italian for sixth land.

A village along the Ligurian section of the Italian Riviera, Framura is a coveted destination of passionate visitors who cherish its distinct personality, combination of history and wilderness, and its subtle allure. Framura is made up of five hamlets that slope down to the sea along an ancient trail, and marries the harsh beauty of the Ligurian hills, dotted by vineyards and olive trees, with the seductive charm of the coast.


Cinque Terre National Park and the Italian Riviera

Cinque Terre National Park, with 3,800 hectares, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The uniqueness of its landscape, which extends into the neighboring areas, is owed to millennia of human activity that has turned the harsh and steep terrain into fruitful land. The coastal slopes have been transformed into a series of terraces full of olive groves and vineyards.

The result of this tireless labor is a unique landscape where pockets of wilderness interplay with an architectural patchwork marked by stonewalls.

A web of 120 kilometers of trails crosses the entire Italian Riviera region, including the park. Until recently, these were the only routes between settlements. Today, they present coastal hiking trails that switch between mountain scenery and breathtaking views of the sea.